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Decision Point Treatment Services

For nearly 40 years, Decision Point has effectively been providing alcohol and drug treatment services in Northwest Arkansas. While we are located in Bentonville, we serve Arkansans from throughout the state. We are accredited by a leading accrediting agency for treatment services and hold several contracts with the State of Arkansas for various services as well.

Founded in 1974 as the 215 Club, Decision Point serves the adult population, both male and female, providing a wide range of treatment services, including residential and various levels of outpatient opportunities. Our medical detoxification program and residential services to mothers with young children are just two of our more unique offerings. In addition, we provide a Drug Alcohol Safety Education Program in four Northwest Arkansas counties, serve as the regional provider of prevention services for schools and communities in our area, and also provide residential supports for veterans receiving treatment services through the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Fayetteville.

Our location is the former Bates Hospital at 602 North Walton Boulevard in Bentonville. In 2011, we became a part of Alternative Opportunities, a provider of a wide range of social and behavioral health services. This has enabled us to recently complete major infrastructure improvements and internal renovations. Our physical facility provides ample room for a wide variety of programs and services. A secondary Decision Point site, located in Springdale, provides services to Veterans Affairs clients.

Decision Point is made up of licensed and certified clinicians, physicians, nursing staff, and technicians who specialize in the treatment of substance related disorders and co-occurring conditions. The staff brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and competency to the client population, and is blended with some staff who themselves are successfully in recovery.
Most importantly, we are about community. Within our client population, there is sharing, giving, receiving, and a heartfelt commitment to one another to help persons help themselves. The recovering community at Decision Point is a place to restore trust through common welfare.

The importance of recovery and change in a personís life is easily measured by how much time they are willing to invest in the process. Dedication to this importance can be found in the staff, our volunteers, and client community.

As you read more about Decision Point, please let us know if additional information is needed by contacting info@decisionpoint.org or by calling (479) 464-1060, 24 hours a day.

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