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Our approach to service is not to provide programs or networks that people must fit into, but to create services unique to each person, family and community. Our services are based on the strengths of the people we serve and intended, when possible, to be short-term, locally available and focused on people developing their own networks of support.

We strive to work towards identified goals, to provide efficient and effective services and to encourage people to advocate for themselves. We believe "no one of us is as good as all of us" and believe communities improve as all individuals become capable of participating actively in its life.

In our 20 years of service we have seen individuals needing additional supports thrive in their homes and their communities.áá We believe that most people are capable of learning the skills to care for themselves and participate in their community.

Our last CARF survey reported ôLong-term, dedicated staff members have extensive experience in providing community-based services. Relatively low turnover and longevity of key staff members ensure a backbone of consistency and expertise."

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